Microblading is a popular technique that originates from Asia, and is sometimes known as “eyebrow embroidery” or “microstroking”. It is a simple, safe procedure that can enhance natural eyebrows, or create whole new ones, with a long lasting result. Semi permanent pigment is ‘scratched’ into the upper dermis of the skin, depositing pigment in crisp, clean strokes that mimic natural brow hair using a hand tool comprised of a series of fine needles fused together. The tool can also be used to create shading and powder/mist brows.

Your treatment appointment will start with an in-depth consultation, lasting between 30-40 minutes, where your medical history is fully assessed to check your suitability. The process and aftercare will be fully explained so that you know what to expect, and it is a great opportunity to discuss your hopes and expectations for your new eyebrows!

Josephine will use her professional knowledge to show you how your features can be enhanced, and she will create the most flattering shape and positioning for your brows with cosmetic pencils, taking careful measurements of the face. Once you are happy to proceed with the treatment, the implantation process will begin, and sometimes only takes as little as 20 minutes to complete. The skin is numbed throughout to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Generally, microblading treatments last between 6-12 months in the skin, and can be refreshed yearly. It is the perfect way to get a natural-looking enhancement to your face, making you look younger, confident and saving time with grooming in the morning!

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