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Stepping through the doors of a CARITA salon means believing that high performance goes hand in hand with unparalleled comfort. To make this transformation possible, on-site expert aestheticians first appraise a client’s skin before starting the treatment; the skin is then shaped and crafted with exquisite, meticulous care to accurately reveal every feature.
A perfect balance between manual intelligence, demanding formulations, and sensitive devices, the CARITA method calls on these three areas of expertise to push back the limits of cosmetics and offer women augmented, lasting beauty results which can be seen and felt.


Treatment Philosophy…

Tailor Made – A CARITA treatment is first and foremost time for yourself, where personalisation deepens the product’s action even further. Let our experts guide you in selecting the transformative treatment (with or without CARITA’s beauty machine) which transcends the boundaries of topical cosmetics and reveals your most beautiful side.

A treatment to suit every woman (or man), according to the desired benefits and target area. A flexible range designed hand in hand with CARITA’s Beauty Experts for results which will exceed your expectations. Time-based treatments to better suit the rhythm of your day.


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