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Meet the 3D-HydrO2 facial (also known as the Hydrafacial).

Through using a combination of 7 advanced technologies, we can create a bespoke facial, suited to your specific skin type and target an array of universal skin concerns including dehydration, skin-ageing, loose skin, dull complexion and congestion.

These 7 advanced technologies include:

Skin Lifting – Uses electroporation which increases the absorbency of the cell for product penetration which helps to revitalise and ‘wake up’ dull and lifeless skin.

Skin Tightening: Radio Frequency technology is used to increase collagen reproduction in mature skin. Skin tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-ageing facial.

Hydration: Ultrasound Technology is used for product infusion. This treatment can be used alongside the 3D-Professional Solutions Time Defence skincare range, for anti-ageing and hydration around areas where fine lines and wrinkles are likely to appear.

Oxygenation: The spray creates a venturi effect which by breaking down the molecules within the product, encourages maximum absorption allowing intense skin hydration. A lack of oxygen slows down cell metabolism, ages the cell prematurely, reduces skin firmness and gives a pale ashen complexion. Applying oxygen to the skin with this method will help to increase cell metabolism and improve these concerns. 

Fire and Ice: the ‘fire’ represents the heat element during treatment. Using this applicator, heat is incorporated into the beginning of the facial protocol to open the pores, increase blood supply and aid product infusion. The ‘cryo facial’ uses cooling technology, chilling the skin down to 5 degrees Celsius.

Hydro Peel/Deep Cleanse (also known as the Hydra Peel): Uses a combination of three solutions. An AHA based solution is used to cleanse and smooth the skin. While a BHA based solution helps to improve bacteria and inflamed skin. The third solution leaves the skin nourished and hydrated.

Exfoliation/Oxygenation: Creates ‘the Bohr effect’ which allows oxygen to be drawn into the skin. The active ingredients are Kojic Acid and Retinol which result in a hydrating and brightening effect.

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